Recently I’ve become more aware of the impact that plastics & disposable items are having on our environment. I had no idea that plastic bags were so hard to recycle, and that most (if not all plastic) that has ever been manufactured will still be kicking around long after we are dead. Maybe one of your loved ones is going through this same process? Perhaps they watched the series War on Waste and are beginning to reduce their use of plastic. What then do you gift them at Christmas time? So many things come overly packaged – especially at this time of year!

My last gift guide focused on gifts for the tech addicted – those who are trying to go analog and use “real life” objects instead of their iphone for everything! You can check it out here.

As always, I recommend talking to your friend or family member, and asking them what they want for Christmas- that is always the first point of order when buying a gift. But if you are still looking for a physical gift for someone who is practising the Zero Waste lifestyle, I’ve curated a little set for a beginner!

Zero Waste Gift Guide – for the beginner

  1. Produce bags – This is one of the quickest ways we can cut down on plastic bags straight away! Re-usable produce bags & re-usable shopping bags! Immediately about 10 different types of plastic bags will be eliminated everytime you shop. This set from The Source come with 3 different sized cotton bags, along with a mesh bag for your fruit & veggies. And bonus! They are made from organic cotton.

Try a large tote bag for carrying the rest of your groceries home! The Source have a gorgeous jute bag for an affordable $4.95.


2. Reusable straws – how many plastic straws do you use on the go? It can add up quickly, so a stainless steel or bamboo straw for your bag can be a great asset on the go! This Rose Gold beauty from Biome would make a great Chrissy gift for a new Zero Waster.

3. Keep Cup – Keep Cups, or reusable coffee cups are not something new – nor are they particular to this brand! Ceramic, insulated, glass and stainless steel – there are so many to choose from! Biome again, has a large range of sizes & colours to pick from – but these can be found at your local grocery store & in many other places!

4. Beeswax Wraps – perfect for replacing Cling Wrap & Ziplock bags in lunch boxes & your fridge! (These can also be DIYed – I have seen some people use gorgeous fabrics! Fold over your bowl and warm with your hands and the wrap with stick to itself. Or for sandwiches, you can fold origami style into a little pouch!

5. Glass jars & stainless steel food containers. For grocery shopping, food prep & food storage, glass jars, mason jars & stainless steel are the way to go! No need to shop for brand names, or to replace all of your tupperware at once, but here are some lovely options to gift a beginner on their journey to reduce their plastic usage!


This wraps up my beginner’s Zero Waste gift guide! Remember, these are not essential if you are starting your journey to reduce plastics, they are simply suggestions for those wanting to gift to you! What would you ask for as a Zero Waster?

As always, the greatest gift you can give is your time & presence. If you would like help to plan an intentional Christmas, Angela Mulvay and I have created a free workbook called 30 Days of Presence – find it here. Thirty Days of Presence is designed to help you connect & pare down during December – do Christmas your way!

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