I am in the process of refining my wardrobe and building a seasonal spring/summer capsule wardrobe. (With the exception of the winter like weather experienced over the weekend.)

The ugly truth presented itself as I took out clothes from my wardrobe. Clothes that no longer fit, were out of fashion, don’t suit my age or style, clothes that were faded and torn – or my pet hate – pilled.

By the 6th time round I was down to clothes I like, that I can wear on a daily basis. I put away my true winter items into my dresser so each morning I don’t have to push past my winter clothes. The ugly truth is that I only have about 9 items of clothing that I actually like. I have had to keep 2 summer tops just so I don’t go naked…something which would definitely suprise the neighbours and the ladies at the Post Office! I did have a few more items, but as the past couple of months went on 2 shirts bit the dust – one was accidentally bleached, the other started to pill and I found a hole in one of my vests. So here is my comprehensive **snickers** wardrobe;

Jeans – aqua skinnies, dark wash skinnies and bootcut denim.
Black 3/4 sleeve loose top from Bonds
Red Dress from Myers (Review)
Green Dress from Sheinside
Floral Dress from Big W.
Pencil Skirt from Cue by way of an Opshop.
Patterned pants from Thailand
Black vest with bronze sequin detailing

Having 9 items you like is not a problem in itself, almost an outift each day. Except most days in summer it is 35-38 degrees celsius where I live. And the aircon doesn’t work in my studio. Which rules out wearing jeans, my black top and both my red and green dresses as they are polyester and wearing them in summer is akin to wrapping yourself in alfoil and sitting in the sun.

Which leaves me with a grand total of 4 items to wear. None of which includes a shirt, so I really only had 1 outfit – a grey floral dress. Which is also synthetic, but mercifully sleevless so it is still wearable.

So what do I do? I can’t go out and buy outright what I need – its right before Christmas and my husband and I are saving for a house.

1. I allocated a small part of our budget to my wardrobe. With that budget over the past two months I have bought a floral pencil skirt, a cotton black maxi dress and a black tshirt (so I can get some more wear out of my pants). Total; $92AUD.

2. I kept 2 shirts that I sort of like. Since I have had to wear them more I have found I actually do quite like one when it is paired with a skirt, and the other one just doesn’t suit my bodyshape, or my style. Once I have built a foundation wardrobe I will gladly toss it out.

3. Utilise my black singlets under my vest to create another outfit.

Suprisingly, just adding 3 items to my wardrobe has really expanded the combinations and outfits I can wear. The black shirt helped a lot and I have already worn the items several times each.

The next thing I want to do is go to the op-shop and shop it as if I was paying top dollar – only bring home items that I really love. All of this takes quite a lot of effort for me, even clothes shopping. We live 45 minutes away from the closest shops…and any parent of a toddler will know that you CANNOT clothes shop with them around. Unless you want meltdowns and for food to get thrown on the clothes you are trying on.

But with all this being said, getting dressed in the morning has never been easier or quicker for me. And now that I like each item that I wear, I am much more inspired to do my hair, add a pop of lipstick and some jewellery to my ensemble.

So what would your tips be on creating a capsule wardrobe? How do you get around having a limited wardrobe budget?

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