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I have finally become the master of my wardrobe. It only took me a decade to get here!

Over the past few months I have revised and re-examined my wardrobe several times. I would estimate that I have shed hundreds of items; dresses, tops, skirts, handbags, scarves, shoes and accessories to name a few! Bag after bag of less than prime clothing has left my possession, along with some items that I love but never wear. I have become the ruthless curator of my wardrobe.

During the past ten years my style could best be described as that of a chameleon – I would take on the accepted style of my workplace, surroundings and acquaintances. I’ve listed a few choice episodes of my style fads for a chuckle;

-Conservative school girl. I would copy everyone elses style trying to fit in, and my parents paid for most of my clothes. Bad surf shop purchases, along with cheap Jay Jay’s denim made up my wardrobe. I’m looking at you flared hipster jeans with red stitching. **Shudder**
-Tree Of Life – loads of bangles and maxi dresses (a look which I still love).
-Party phase – dresses! Low necklines, tight waists and cheap disposable fabrics.
-Work attire phase – black, black and more black, except for coloured high heels!
-Pregnancy – grow, grow and grow some more. All my maternity clothes fell apart, or were horrendously uncomfortable and ugly (or at least thats how I felt!).
-Motherhood and 30kg weight loss. This phase consisted of yoga pants and loose tops. I bought cheap clothes trying to supplement my wardrobe as I shrank – but would still reach for my black yoga pants and loose flowing tops. I neglected my makeup, and my jewellery collection sat unloved as I struggled to find time to do anything (and everything).

Spurred on by a 90 day de-cluttering challenge, I began the first of many wardrobe purges a few months ago. I started with over 2 metres of hanging space, a chock full dresser and tubs of clothes in storage, and have edited down to my few favourite outfits that comprise my Summer Wardrobe.

I have started to curate my personal style, and enjoy donating pieces once they no longer flatter or begin to show wear and tear. I plan what I will buy before I shop and budget for my seasonal wardrobe over many months. I have been so surprised at how much easier shopping is now I have narrowed down the shapes and fabrics that I reach for over and over again. This means that what I purchase now doesn’t languish in the depths of my wardrobe but goes into my everyday rotation instantly!

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I would love to hear from you!
What is your wardrobe like? When was the last time you went through your wardrobe piece by piece and sorted it out? Do you work on curating your personal style?

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