Toys!! Argh! Toys can quickly become the bane of your existence as a mother & housekeeper. They are stabbing you in the foot, in your kitchen drawers, small little broken plastic pieces strewn from one end of the house to the other. And do not even get me started on the loud, flashing, musical toys!!!



Here are 3 ways to ease your family into living with less toys, but more fun. It is a great way to begin, especially if your children or partner are hesitant about de-cluttering.


Three Easy Ways To Begin De-cluttering Your Children’s Toys

  1. Start by rotating the toys. Split the toys 50/50 and put half away, up high & out of sight. Notice what your children play with from the selection left out, but also notice what they ask for from what you put away. What they are playing with & asking for are good indications of what you should keep.
  2. Take out anything that is broken, dangerous or unnoticeable – think McDonald’s little plastic toys that just sit at the bottom of the box and never get used. I take away little plastic toys all the time and my children have not once noticed that they were gone.
  3. Take out toys that are not age appropriate. Chances are if you haven’t looked at their toys in a while, a lot of what is in the toy box may no longer be age appropriate. You can take these toys out and store the best ones that you want to keep for future children. If you are planning a big age gap, or not having more children you can donate or sell these toys so that they can be enjoyed by others!


Bonus Tip

There are generally two way to approach de-cluttering.

1. De-cluttering by deciding what you want to KEEP

2. De-cluttering by deciding what to TOSS.

It may seem like semantics, but if you decide what to keep and then get rid of everything else, you will de-clutter a lot more than taking out what you want to toss. We have a tendency to only get rid of the absolute worse things if we begin by looking for what to toss/donate/recycle. By setting apart what you want to keep, it helps weed out all of the average toys that would have slipped under your radar.

If you want to pare down in a big way, decide what kind of toys you want your children to be playing with. Do you want them to have more educational toys? Toys that help them use their imagination? For example; dolls, tea sets, building blocks & cars? Do you hate toys that need 6 batteries? Do you want to take out any toys that resemble weapons? Once you decide what toys you want to KEEP, take them out and put them aside. Then bag up the rest to donate or sell.

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