I am a huge advocate for slow decorating. It is basically the opposite of deciding you want to kit your homes out, going to Ikea and having a field day. Ahem … this may or may not have been me in the past!

Slow decorating is…well slow! It is intentional, and if you are looking for specific pieces, or on a budget, it happens over a number of months, or years.

How I Began Slow Decorating

After discovering minimalism and intentional living, I started to swap out our modern, dark furniture piece by piece, and create a home that fits who we are now – and our taste – well my husband compromises a bit!

We were (and still are) on a tight budget because we are saving to build our first home. I sold off our old unloved pieces on Gumtree, and put that money aside until the right pieces came along. I would search online about twice a week, particularly on the weekend when most new listings would go up. My number one rule is that I have to LOVE what I am bringing home, and it has to fit my vision for our home.

Dresser – Great Grandmother’s – repainted. Bed – Gumtree – chalk painted. Bedsides – Gumtree – chalk painted. Lamps – Aldi.

The pieces that I didn’t sell, I made over with chalk paint. I have painted so many pieces now – existing furniture, furniture given to us and second hand furniture. It is my favourite hack for decorating and refreshing my space! I will often custom mix the paint shades, rather than buying a lot of different colours – this gives me a much wider palette to work from and greatly reduces the amount of paint I need to buy. I mainly use soft taupes and greys that blend together.

Testing different shades & washes with chalk paint.


My Top Tips For Decorating Like A Decadent Minimalist

  1. Create a Pinterest board and really hone in on your vision. Make sure what you are Pinning would suit your lifestyle. If certain fabrics and styles would make you freak out with your kids around them – they are not for you!
  2. Sell what you don’t like anymore, and set aside that money for new items.
  3. Spend time searching for pieces that you absolutely love, and that fit your vision for the room.
  4. See the potential in what you already have. Would a change of colour and handles make an amazing difference?
  5. Search Gumtree/Craigslist/Ebay weekly for new pieces. Even modern furniture is sold on there for a fraction of the price! Look for furniture wholesalers and factory outlets.
  6. Take your time and build your home decor piece by piece. Your home is for life, and will suit your personality so much more if you are intentional with how you decorate it.
  7. Throw out the rule book! If you hate throw cushions, don’t use them! If you prefer everything to be one colour – do it! Don’t follow other people’s rules for decorating. See what works for your family & lifestyle.
  8. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Switch pieces around, put them away. See what you like!
  9. Your children don’t need to be grown before you can have nice things.

Sofa – a bargain off Gumtree!

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