Micro habits…I think they are what I have been waiting for my whole life!


Naturally as humans, we procrastinate, put things off and get distracted by things a million times a minute. I find myself especially in danger of this when I have set a big goal – things can get scary real quick! BJ Fogg (behaviour design expert) suggests choosing a micro habit and linking it after an existing habit to use as the trigger.

So you would set out your micro habit like this;

After (trigger) I will (micro habit).

For example; After my shower I will fill in my eyebrows.

His examples of a micro habit are flossing one tooth, and doing 1 push up. He has a really good video explaining this concept.

Micro Habits for January

1. Fill in eyebrows (continued from December).
Trigger; after my shower.

I have been wanting to get back into wearing a full face of makeup most days – I find putting on makeup really relaxing and just feel better when I wear some makeup. Some obstacles to this are; the weather where I live, in summer most days its 34-38’c, and I have to wear a special painter’s mask when I work with polish. I really can’t wear foundation when I’m wearing my mask during summer, the makeup would get all over the mask! But I can wear mascara, eyeshadow and fill in my eyebrows, so this is a goal for the coming year.

2. Dishes straight in the dishwasher.
Trigger; after I leave the dining table.

I have been doing this since the New Year and I can’t believe how much cleaner our kitchen is ALL THE TIME! Because the dishes are going straight in the dishwasher our benches are getting cleaned as well – and it is heavenly!

3. Clear off my work benches.
Trigger; closing my laptop at the end of the work day.

I find this makes such a difference to my work flow the following day; I can get straight to creating new colours or packing customer orders without being impeding by yesterday’s paraphernalia.

4. Meditate, or quiet time for 5 minutes each day.
Trigger; after our night time cup of tea.

Each month I want to add more micro habits to the ones from the month before, with the aim of each micro habit moving me toward my overall goal of a more intentional life. You can see that each of these micro habits focuses on a different part of my life; self care, household/organisation, work, and the meditation is to help me manage my mind to improve my overall lifestyle.

Do you have any new habits planned for the New Year?

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