After discovering my best “goal setting” style last year, I have decided to follow a similar path this year. Last year I set one main priority – to workout. As a person who gets easily distracted the simplicity of one main goal helped me stay focussed and make decisions effectively.

This year I have decided to focus on one word; Intention.

I want to be aware of my thoughts, decisions and actions this year. Intentional in my business and home routines. Being intentional can help you know where you are going, but more importantly why you want to go there.

I had already begun in December using this simple word to pull myself back from my everyday wanderings. Since I choosing this focus word a few weeks ago, I have seen several bloggers pick their same “word for the year” and I’ve also stumbled across it in so many books and articles. I don’t really think that is a coincidence!

Goal Setting

In 2015, I am going to focus on building my willpower by adopting “micro habits” gradually until they form a daily ritual. These micro habits will focus on creating a more mindful and organised lifestyle for my family and my business.

I want to use micro habits, as I know that doing small things and setting a good foundation will be a lot more sustainable over the years to come. I am also hoping that by establishing a smooth routine, I can incorporate more decadence, more small delightful details into the everyday running of our household. Small details like using cloth napikins at dinner, like a posy of flowers on the kitchen bench and a freshly made bed each morning. I watched a fantastic video on micro habits, by BJ Fogg, I highly recommend it!

I will still set goals under this broader umbrella of “intention”, but living this year with intention will be my main priority.

This is my overarching plan;

1 Focus for the year

Intention – think about what I am doing, where I am going, how I am responding and how I am acting everyday. Be aware of my actions and surroundings. Review my progress, plan frequently and spend time reflecting each week.

10 Major Goals (or so)

Set larger goals for the year, with a 5 year vision in mind.
My aim this year is not to necessarily achieve every single goal, but to be intentional in developing productive, long lasting habits that I can continue to use in the future. As they say about writing a book; you don’t write a whole book in one day but by doing a little everyday the results will come.

100 Micro Habits

Utilize micro habits to achieve larger goals by taking small, frequent, repeatable steps in the right direction. These micro habits will eventually form productive routines for our home and my business, helping everyday run smoother and more efficiently!

Tomorrow I will share my first micro habits for January! Leave a comment below with your personal goals or key word for 2015, I would love to hear from my readers!

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