Know thyself.

Two small words, but they carry so much weight!

A lot of the time when we de-clutter, we lie to ourselves as we question each item. If you don’t use something now; if you have not made it a priority in your life for the past year, the chances are that you will not use it in the year ahead. This is why so many de-cluttering experts ask: “Have you used it in the past 6 months? The past 12 months?”  It is such a good gauge if we are HONEST with ourselves.

If you don’t currently have a basic skincare routine, and have not practised one for the past year, it is highly unlikely that you will magically pick up a 6 step skincare routine in the next 12 months. We need to be so honest with ourselves about our habits and our priorities when we de-clutter. Notice what you do when you have more time. Is the first thing you want to do go for a walk? Do you feel the yearning to pull out your scrapbooking? If you always find yourself avoiding the hobby you have stored in your closet, maybe it is time to be honest with yourself and to let it go to someone who really would use it. It is better to release the things you don’t use while they are still in good condition so that someone who would enjoy them could benefit from them. Letting them deteriorate, taking up your space & time and eventually ending up in land fill isn’t ideal for anyone.

Watch my video for more details about getting brutally honest with yourself when you de-clutter.


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