I always talk about minimalism having 3 key components. Simplifying your time, your physical items & your mind. One area I really lagged behind in was simplifying my time by reducing my tech dependence. I happened to stumble across this beautiful podcast from Slow Your Home featuring Jess Davis – owner of Folk Rebellion. The podcast was titled Jess Davis is leading the Analog Rebellion and as she talked about reducing her use of technology, and how her creativity, concentration and happiness improved dramatically, I was keen to get started.

I had become frustrated with trying to read books on my Kindle App because of constant Messenger interruptions. I had been checking my phone as soon as I woke up (it was permanently tethered to me). Netflix and Youtube had crept into my number 1 spot for entertainment. Yep. I was addicted. So what if your friend is trying to “unplug”. What if someone you know has “gone minimalist”. Talk to them about what they need – that is always the first point of order when buying a gift. But if you want to buy a physical gift for someone who is “going analog” I’ve rounded up a few ideas!

Analog Gift Guide

  1. Alarm Clock – having an alarm clock can be a great help for reducing mobile phone use. You can keep your iphone out of the bedroom & away from your work desk using a gorgeous clock like this one. Because we all know, that if you check the time on your phone, you are quite likely to automatically unlock your screen and accidentally end up on Facebook all within half a second.

2. Leather bound books or hard cover books! Getting away from the glow of your screen and reading a physical book at night can feel like stepping into the 90’s again! I’ve found these gorgeous, affordable, leather bound range of classics at Booktopia.











3. Perpetual Planner – There is something about physically crossing off your to-do list that is so satisfying! I love the large personal planners from Kikki K. Each year you just buy a new calendar refill – for less than $20. It’s an affordable way to have a gorgeous planner & reduce the amount of waste rather than having a diary that only works for 1 year. They have ring binders, and come with tabs for different categories – perfect if you are working on several projects, or need a spot to corral your ideas.

4. Invest in their hobby. Has your minimalist friend taken up a new hobby? Surfing? Knitting? Gardening? Buy them something practical that falls inline with their new found love – away from the screen!


There are so many more ideas analog gifts – depending on the receiver! Perhaps a gorgeous handmade mug for them to sip their favourite coffee from. Or an actual magazine to hold in their hands and take to the beach. Or a hand written letter inviting them out to dinner with you. But, as always, the greatest gift you can give is your time & presence. If you would like help to plan an intentional Christmas, Angela Mulvay and I have created a free workbook called 30 Days of Presence – find it here. Thirty Days of Presence is designed to help you connect & pare down during December – do Christmas your way!

I would love to hear from you- what are your analog gift suggestions? An alarm clock is number 1 on my list for Christmas.

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