December 31st – the pressure is on! What are my New Year’s Resolutions? Jeez…I better get with the program and pick something or I will be behind before the year has even begun!

My Facebook groups and Instagram Feed is filled with influencers wishing me a Happy New Year and sharing their “word of the year” and their lofty New Year’s Resolutions. Should I decide to get fit this year? To read 100 books? To finally travel to Europe? Or to improve my marriage? But I’m kinda of exhausted already and it isn’t even 9pm… Speaking of exhausted, how the frack does this Instagram fitness blogger (with 4 kids!) workout, meal prep, clean her whole house and still have time for date night? Let alone Snapchat and 20 Instagram stories a day? I’m over here just struggling to decide what to eat for breakfast!

If this was you on December 31st, you aren’t alone. I do believe that New Year’s Resolutions can be amazing in pushing us towards a goal. But these goals need to have purpose and SPACE. You can’t take an overstuffed life and continue to add more and more things to do and  expect to successfully “do it all”. Inevitably something will come crashing down. Adrenal fatigue. Forgotten birthdays. Sandwiches for dinner. Again. Bone crushing exhaustion and adult temper tantrums. Something has to give somewhere.

When you sit down to plan your resolutions, decide first what you are going to remove in order to accomplish this new focus. As long as nobody you are responsible for is getting hurt and your children aren’t neglected, most things in life are optional. You may be like me and have fooled yourself into believing that juggling 20 things at once is mandatory. It’s not. It’s a choice. Just like a New Year’s Resolution is a choice. So sit down and make your choices. Which areas need more time and attention? What needs to be cut to allow this to happen?

Remember to allow yourself time to be human – you WILL need down time. You will need margin to allow for the unexpected. You will need to make time to take care of yourself – sleep, healthy food and time alone. Create space for these things, or your best laid plans will come crashing down on week #2 when your children all get sick, or the car breaks down.

What is on the “out list” for you this year? This is what my Out List looks like;

  • Endless social media scrolling – Delete Facebook from my phone and check rarely on computer. Unfriend, unfollow and unlike a LOT. Delete Instagram except for planned posts.
  • Netflix (and Youtube) on high rotation or autoplay.
  • Running a business. I’m putting my handmade business on hiatus to take maternity leave.
  • Creating & promoting decluttering courses & masterminds

Cutting the first two items alone (according to the app Moment) would give me back 3 hours a day – at the minimum! So what is on my “In List”?

  • Cooking dinner & physical health
  • Being present with my family
  • Meditation
  • Writing my non-fiction book.
  • Reading books (so far I’ve knocked over 12 this year already!)

With baby no. 3 on the way and a slew of other lifestyle changes, this is all I can logistically handle this year. I’m creating space to have our new baby. To take maternity leave. To take care of myself, and my other two children. To get back to basics & re-calibrate. To make space for this things, I’ve had to say “no”  or “not now” to a lot of things this year. Next year may be totally different and that is fine by me – each month, each year has its own season and speed and I’m learning to embrace them all.

I would love to hear from you – what is on your “out list” this year? Let me know;

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