Tailored De-cluttering Plan

De-cluttering Action Plan

Are you trying to work from home but distracted by the chaos of your house? Do you feel like you are drowning in toys, laundry & to-do lists!?
I specialise in helping women de-clutter their homes so that housework is a snap, you can get down to work so much faster and your mind is calmer to match!

We will discuss your home & lifestyle and make a plan for re-claiming your most annoying space! Is there a place in your home where you are constantly tripping over crap, or things are bursting out of your cupboards? A place that irritates you every day?  Book a one hour consult now & lets get an actionable plan in place!

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Focussed Plan

Together we will come up with a focussed plan to transform one key area in your house. I will give you the questions to ask as you move through de-cluttering your space.


I will go over my tried-and-true tips & tricks for de-cluttering your space to completion.

Call Recorded

The call will be recorded on Zoom & emailed to you so that you can replay our session!

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