Do you need help to declutter your home?

De-cluttering Action Plan

Are you trying to work from home but distracted by the chaos of your house? Do you feel like you are drowning in toys, laundry & to-do lists!?

I specialise in helping women de-clutter their homes so that housework is a snap, you can get down to work so much faster and your mind is calmer to match!


We will discuss your home & lifestyle and make a plan for re-claiming your most annoying space! Is there a place in your home where you are constantly tripping over crap, or things are bursting out of your cupboards? A place that irritates you every day?  Book a one hour consult now & lets get an actionable plan in place!


1 x 60 minute session – $87

De-cluttering Accountability Coaching


Do you need more accountability & ongoing support as you declutter your home, business or schedule? Or perhaps you are you want to explore essentialism in different aspects of your life?

If you prefer to be coached in private, with dedicated one on one support, this 3 session coaching package is perfect for you!


In 3 sessions we will outline your plan of attack, with tailored follow up and trouble shooting sessions each month that help you stay on track and see results, and will hold you accountable. Also included are printable tools that you can use as you declutter your spaces – these will help you track your progress and see visible results.

3 x 60 minute sessions – $197

Focussed Plan

Together we will come up with a focussed plan to transform one key area in your house. I will give you the questions to ask as you move through de-cluttering your space.


I will go over my tried-and-true tips & tricks for de-cluttering your space to completion.

Call Recorded

The call will be recorded on Zoom & emailed to you so that you can replay our session!

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