“Decadent Minimalism” is just another way to say that I appreciate the small things in life, that I have pared back the excess, and have around only things that I love & use. That I can appreciate decadence & luxury in every day things – using my favourite mug, wearing my favourite lipstick colour.

It isn’t about spending more or buying what other people consider “luxury”. It is about defining what luxury means to me personally. For you this might be snuggles in bed with your whole family on a Sunday morning. It might be cooking a family recipe from scratch and then savouring every mouthful.

What is decadent & luxurious is different for every person, for every family. What is decadent to you?

I love the below quote about simple, mindful living. If you want to talk to like-minded woman about decadent, mindful living, join my free Facebook group where we talk about pampering, self-care & de-cluttering all in one safe space.

“What I know now is that living well was already there. It breathes through each of our days; the moments are full of its respiration. For living well isn’t for when the stars are aligned, when the ship comes in, when we get the house that’s bigger, or the house that’s smaller, or the house that’s ours.

It’s not for when we’ve ‘arrived’ at simplicity. It’s for right now, in this imperfect place, in this odd moment, in this insufficient strand of time.

In both the exquisitely beautiful and the humbly mundane, living well is there for the ones who see. When boys tramp in from winter, leaving their snow-muddy gear in a heap in front of the door to melt a puddle across the floor, when the windows are dirty, when plans go south, when chaos settles in to stay, living well remains – a golden striation embedded within the layers of life.

Discover it. Mine it. Hold it close and don’t let go.”

-by Tsh Oxenreider from The Art of Simple

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