Capsule Wardrobe Basics

Begin Your Capsule Wardrobe

Are you struggling with pulling together your wardrobe? Sick of looking at a jam packed wardrobe – but you have nothing to wear?

Book your capsule wardrobe consult today & I will help you set up the foundation for your wardrobe.  Leave the session with 3 outfits that you love, and the tools to identify which styles & colours make you FEEL the best! Sessions begin from just $70.

Book a session

Have lots of clothes but still nothing to wear?


Together we will identify what outfits will work best with your ideal lifestyle. Your wardrobe will be designed to enhance your mojo & your work life.

Back To Basics

We create a foundation for your capsule wardrobe. This will make shopping sooo much easier as you know your key outfits.

Feel Fabulous

I believe that your wardrobe should make you feel amazing! We will go over your favourite fabrics, colours & cuts and narrow it down to what makes you feel FABULOUS, darling!

Shopping List

Chances are that you have at least 3 great outfits (if not a full 7!) already in your wardrobe, but if you are really starting from scratch I will put together an inspiration board of items that match in with your lifestyle & preferred looks! Use it to go shopping or to plan your wardrobe budget!

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