I’m not sure how I stumbled upon “minimalism” or capsule wardrobes but suddenly I found myself surrounded online by Jennifer L Scott of the Daily Connoisseur, Caroline Rector from Un-fancy.com & Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist. It was 2014, and I had been busily planning a wedding, starting a business from scratch & being a fulltime Mum, but the core message that you could own less, have less, but have more time really resonated with me. I started with a simple 90 De-cluttering Challenge – no way did I get the whole way through, but it made me feel calm in the midst of the storm.

Wrangling your wardrobe, I believe, can have the BIGGEST knock on effect for you when organising  your home & life. You see your wardrobe first thing in the morning, you wear what is in there and to be trite, how you dress says a lot about how you want to appear in the world.

How I Began My Capsule Wardrobe

After spending 18 months wearing stretchy yoga pants, tank tops & baby vomit I was ready to take a serious look at what I owned and what I wanted to wear. I had a lot of black from working in retail – but the styles were too stuffy and “not me”. My body had drastically changed as I’d gained and lost 40kg (88lbs). I set about sifting through my wardrobe. I think I donated 2 or 3 garbage bags full of clothes to begin with. Shortly after my de-cluttering frenzy had begun, we left on our honeymoon, and for once, my holiday did not revolve around buying things and spending every last cent!

Over the next year I went through my wardrobe at least another 3 times, and have done so at least a dozen more times since!  Now I use what I call a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes mean different things to different people but to me it just means having only things in there that fit, that I love & that I wear on a regular basis. I wear my favourite things weekly (except for my wedding dress & a delicate gown), and toss out my clothes once they develop holes, come apart or begin to look tatty. If I decide that something is simply no longer my style, it gets donated.

I have figured out what I prefer to wear, a uniform almost and it makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze! In summer I mainly wear waisted dresses (cotton is preferable) and in winter I like to wear dark wash jeans with long sleeves tops (black, or an accent colour), and a jumper/jacket for colder days.

March is a great time to begin playing with a capsule wardrobe as the seasons are changing. We are going into Autumn in Australia and I have already been able to snag two things that needed replacing from last year. So far my capsule wardrobe for winter is quite simple;

4 long sleeved tops

3 pairs of jeans

2 black dresses

1 knitted cardigan

1 black blazer

1 zip up casual jumper/jacket

Accessories & shoes.

I will probably add another tee-shirt to the mix as well.

Some proponents of the capsule wardrobe advocate a certain number of items or outfits, but I say to have fun with it & see what works for you! I like to have 7 outfits so that I only need to wash once a week, but it really is personal preference. In summer my wardrobe is a lot lighter as I don’t need jackets, scarves, beanies & jeans! I mainly stick to dresses and this makes things even easier!

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe yet? Do you already have a uniform so-to-speak?

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