I’m not exaggerating when I say that having a capsule wardrobe can be LIFE CHANGING for women entrepreneurs! What if, when you went to get dressed in the morning you didn’t play this loop in your head;

“Oh I still need to lose 10kg to fit that top…and those jeans…and those pants.”

“I’m still so fat after having a baby – why haven’t I bothered to lose the weight? I’m so lazy.”

“I’ve got nothing to wear. I really need to go shopping. Shopping costs money, I really need more money.”

“Oh I like this top…but it’s missing a button. These shoes are nice but they don’t match with anything?”

“How come I’ve got no fashion sense? I’m so frumpy. I may as well just stay in my yoga pants. My clothes suck anyway.”

Are you exhausted reading that? How much judgement do you start your day with just trying to pick your clothes? Beating yourself up because your clothes don’t fit, you haven’t lost weight and you don’t have a completely new wardrobe of impeccable clothes. All these thoughts can bring us down and lower our mood and we have barely begun the day!

What if your inner monologue was more like this;

“What should I wear today? I love that dress AND it’s in my favourite colour! I feel so amazing when I wear this type of fabric. Damn I look good!”

The above dialogue is why having a curated wardrobe can have such a positive effect on your whole day. Not only are you reducing decision fatigue because you can fit & wear everything in your wardrobe, but you now love all of your clothes & how they make you feel! Entrepreneurs are entirely self driven, so the more we layer in positive thoughts, the better our whole day runs.

It is all about how your clothes make you FEEL

Positive thoughts & feelings breed more self confidence and this has a knock-on effect – we are more self-assured in our decisions and confident in our appearance. We aren’t hiding in our home behind closed doors because we are embarrassed of how we look. Aren’t you much more likely to go on a quick walk, or to do a Facebook live on your business page if you are feeling great and are already dressed?

Start by just picking 3 outfits that you love, and lay them out somewhere obvious. They may push your comfort zone a little in terms of them being a bit dressier than what you are used to. That’s ok. Wear them for the next 3 days and see what a difference it makes!

If you would like tailored help to go through your wardrobe & set up some capsule outfits, I offer one hour consultations via Zoom. Just click here to book in at a time that suits you!

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