– otherwise known as “why March sucks” or “where has my motivation gone?”


January 1st 2015 – You start the year full of hope, dreams and plans. You write in journals, map out your goals and start the year with a bang! January is delightful and challenging, but you power through with the “New Year hope” naturally acting as a motivatior to push you out your front door each morning.


Things become HARD. Your initial motivation has waned and you need to consciously put more effort into working towards the lofty goals you set in January. Many have already left their New Year’s resolutions by the wayside.

March – “The Dip”

I first heard about “The Dip” from Lean Secrets on Youtube. She describes “The Dip” as when the going gets tough, you experience a dip in your motivation and you naturally want to quit. Your initial excitement has deserted you by this point, but you haven’t quite made it far enough to establish long term habits.

When you experience “The Dip” you have options;

-Take a step back, re-focus and re-launch yourself into your goals. You might revisit your goals and read your reasons for why you started it all in the first place. You might take a mini break, spend more time with family or explore nature.
-Push through your mental resistance, and immediately smash out another rep, do another lap or take another trip to the gym.
-Decide (consciously or by lack of action) to no longer continue to work towards your goal.
-Decide to change course, shed something that has been waying you down and start fresh!

Recently I experienced a very big dip. It was an accumulation of things; starting a second business, resuming study (business related) for the first time in years, deciding not to take a holiday so we could pay off debt & save for a house, and I experienced a miscarriage. Not to mention a growing addiction to social media! I was scared, sad and felt spread thin.

What did I do to bust through my dip?


Took A Break

First things first, I contacted those to whom I had an immediate work responsibility and pushed everything back a week. Physically because of my loss I needed time to recuperate and heal. I asked our son’s daycare to called my husband instead of myself for 1 week if any problems arose. (Genius right!?) I set my phone to aeroplane mode when I really needed time to myself.

Thought It Through

All of these choices I had made will work towards our long term goals; starting a second business, trying to have another baby and paying off debt. All good decisions, but it doesn’t mean that the everyday reality is sunshine and rainbows. Even taking the time to reflect that I am making the right choice for our family was so powerful. I have re-read the goals I wrote out at the start of the year, and I’m doing back to basics with my micro habits, I will get there eventually. Every step in the right direction is a victory.

Little Luxuries

I have been dreaming about our home…you know, the one we haven’t bought yet? So instead, I decided to make our rental home the best it can be; I’ve been lighting my candles (a good chance for product testing!) and purchased the fluffliest bath mat I could find for my ensuite. I also spent some extra time on myself; painting my nails, wearing a bit of makeup each day and reading some of my favourite fiction books. All of these things tend to go by the wayside when I am in full business mode!

These little decadent things make me smile, and it is those small moments that add up over the course of the day.

Family & Friends

Lots of hugs, snuggles and kisses. Does this need more explanation? I reached out to friends online, and in real life and it made me feel sooo much better. I asked for help and advice, and I didn’t feel so alone.

My tips for busting through the dip;

-Refocus on your original plan
-Read your goals, and your reason for starting to begin with
-Change direction, and shed excess from your life
-Take a mini break and explore nature
-Push through your mental barriers and take the next small step in the right direction
-Enjoy life’s little luxuries
-Spend more time with family and friends – just hang out!

I hope that these simple tips can help you break through your DIP and get right back into enjoying your life!

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