So much can go into planning Christmas. But once the heady race of opening presents is done what are we left with? Gorgeous memories of a day spent with family & friends? Or more clutter to fill our homes and stress us out? Here are my top tips on how to avoid cluttering other people’s homes!

Christmas Past – Setting out the milk & cookies!

6 Ways To Not Contribute To Other’s Clutter This Christmas


1. Ask people what they want. What colour? What size?

2. Try fancy consumables – things people will use up during the course of the year. Think; gourmet food, beautiful handmade body products or fresh flowers.

3. Go for experiences – movie tickets, swimming lessons, spa vouchers, hotel stays. These are so over looked, but often the most appreciate gifts!

4. Is there something they want to learn? Perhaps French or knitting? Could you buy classes or a book for them?

5. Spend time. It is a cliche for a reason – most people would rather spend time with you than have a present. Could you shout them a lovely lunch? Host a backyard barbeque, or a pampering evening over champagne?

6. And one of my favorites … go practical! Again implement no. 1 and ASK what they need, but sometimes gifts of towels, bath mats, linens and china can be the best present for adults. These items are constantly getting worn away, chipped and broken, so a little refresh can be a perfect Christmas present. Always think quality over quantity when giving items like this.

For children going practical can look like a new pencil case, back pack or shoes – maybe fancier than what they would normally get!

Christmas 2016 – after the infamous poop explosion involving 2 cream coloured dresses!

What are you buying this Christmas!? 🎄

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