The best part of December comes as a natural result of 90% of businesses closing for a two week period over Christmas. Everyone is working less (except for those in retail!) and in this way I too am forced to work less. I feel for those who work in retail, that use to be my life, and I know it can be hard when all you need is time with family but you have to work.

I wouldn’t say I am spending less time thinking about my business, quite the opposite. Thoughts of 2015 are dominating my every waking moment. Plans for products, for testing, for packaging. Plans for our home, my studio and our child(ren) are also at the forefront of our mind.

It is a natural process in December to reflect on the year that has been and begin the gathering process as we face the new year. The last year has been a big one for our family.



My fiance and I were married in October, and our honeymoon was my first overseas trip ever! The wedding day and honeymoon were both blissful and I enjoyed those weeks so much. Planning the wedding was interesting… and a good reminder that in 2015 I need to learn how to cope with stress better


My youngest sister has now moved to Sydney, so both of my sisters are based there now. I was so glad that they could return to be bridesmaids in our wedding, but I have missed both of them more that I expected to.

My Great Grandmother passed away in the weeks before my wedding and being able to put aside work and wedding plans to spend time with her is something I will always be grateful for. My family are the real reason I continue to work on my own business – so I can adapt when I need to be with them. 

Work & Daycare 

I went from working around my partner’s work hours – nights and weekends to gradually building up to 3, 4 and then 5 permanent work days a week. This meant that our son also started daycare, and surprisingly (to me) he thrived on having the routine, stimulation and relationships that daycare provides.  Also way he relates to others has come on in leaps and bounds.

Work was exhilarating this year. I feel like I have found my creative space for my nail polish collections and have discovered my best work rhythms.


This year discovering minimalism has made my heart sing.
In 2013 I joined Mary Organizes De-Clutter Challenge halfway through and that helped me so much, to learn how to begin to mentally let things go.

In 2014 I started the challenge again in the months before our wedding. It was so relaxing de-cluttering our house cupboard by cupboard until family events and the wedding put that on hold. I eventually decluttered every room in our house and it was so freeing.

Embracing minimalism within our home has helped so much, the less stuff we have the less I am in conflict with it. A clear pantry makes for easier mealtimes, and clear wardrobe makes for easier mornings. And the list just goes on and on!

This was my 2014, with all its struggles and triumphs.

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