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My Creeping Tech Addiction & Decreasing Attention Span

Do you start with your day with Facebook, then add a dash of Instagram, remember to read about how terrible our world is on a news website, then check your emails & freak out about all of your deadlines? All before 8am!? (If before 9pm - make sure you add Netflix &...

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Going Zero Waste – Minimalist’s Gift Guide

Recently I've become more aware of the impact that plastics & disposable items are having on our environment. I had no idea that plastic bags were so hard to recycle, and that most (if not all plastic) that has ever been manufactured will still be kicking around long...

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Going Analog – Gift Guide for Minimalists

I always talk about minimalism having 3 key components. Simplifying your time, your physical items & your mind. One area I really lagged behind in was simplifying my time by reducing my tech dependence. I happened to stumble across this beautiful podcast from Slow...

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How To Begin Planning An Intentional Christmas

It's December. Carols are playing in all the shops. You've dragged your artificial tree out of storage and you are staring down the barrel of the 200 things on your To-Do list. Welcome to the holidays!! If you are lucky enough to live in Australia (or the Southern...

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